Executive Board

 Executive Officer          Sheila Hinson         Century 21 Chesser-Taylor Realty              870-239-1880

 President                      Claudette Wooten   Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group           870-565-7395

 Vice President               Jill Whitworth         Century 21 Chesser-Taylor Realty               870-239-1091

 Secretary                       Diana Jackson         Dickinson and Associates Real Estate        870-565-5875

 Past President               Lori Dowdy              EXIT Realty Paragould                                870-476-1141

 3 Year Board Member   Pam Lackey             Dickinson and Associates Real Estate        870-476-1517
 2 Year Board Member   Sherma Dicus          Time Realty                                                 870-240-6146
 1 Year Board Member   Raina Thomas         Image Realty                                               870-476-6252